A Unique Health Organization

Heart Works Center is a truly unique health organization. We work on the frontiers of issues concerning the health of humanity, nature, agriculture and the environment in which we live and work in. Advanced scientific research shows we all live in an inter-connected world where the health of all life is a concern.

We are a collaborative network of innovative health and environmental care providers, researchers, research organizations, educators and sources of critical analysis of our personal and collective health care.

We embrace the reality of a collective consciousness that is developing with the awakening of humanity. It is our passion to take a deep insightful look at body, mind, spirit and our total environment to develop innovative approaches that sustain and regenerate lives.

For many years, our network of private practitioners have been working with leading edge methods for the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses while fully aware of the real causes that are affecting humanity. We have conducted special invitation only research forums on critical health issues with the emphasis on cost-effective and accessible solutions.

This experience and the knowledge acquired are the basis for our vision of new health and healing center(s) that redefine the meaning of wholistic medicine and health care to better address the serious issues facing humanity now!

The Problem

The reality of health care, especially in the USA, is that we spend an average of $10,000+ a year on health and medicine, yet have exceedingly poor outcomes and results. While the quality of care has declined, the costs have risen beyond affordability for most people. The US is ranked 37th in the World Health Organization’s 2010 rankings of the Top 100 Best Health Systems.

To complicate matters, we continue to deal with misdiagnosis, poor nutrition, toxicity, environmental pollution, lack of proper health education, ineffective vaccines, prescriptions medications and other poor health care products.

Regretfully, medical and health care is now mostly focused PR, marketing, sales, and profits at the expense of real care. With vastly successful lobbying by the medical industry, information on many cost-effective methods of care, technologies, and products have been stifled due to the hegemony and greed within the health care industry.

The saying openly voiced by the medical and financial industries is “healthy people are bad for the medical and health industry!”

The Solution

Apply the new world of non-invasive comprehensive testing emerging from the best of international resources for the broad analysis and treatment of the human body, at affordable costs.

The intake would also include state of mind, toxicology analysis, living conditions, psychology, history and willingness to take in information and have the determination and will to stay healthy. Creating an education program to stay healthy through all ages.

The New Initiative: Heart Works Center

Next Steps…

Heart Works Center is currently planning the development of a pilot program.