Ojai, California

Our Approach

Heart Works Center is currently planning the development of a pilot program in Ojai, California. The diagnosis, technologies, treatments and education will be affordably provided under a special membership program.

We will offer training programs for health professionals who want to learn more about the new and emerging methods now being used from around the world. The program will eventually provide CME credit for continuing medical education.

The Benefits

  • Development of a cost-effective health care program for sustainable and regenerative communities
  • More collaborative and interdisciplinary health care, for more truly wholistic health care programs
  • Health care based upon true patient and client needs, working collaborative with local health restoration programs
  • Use the most advanced programs in collaboration with other centers worldwide as we are already linked to the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, China, India and Belize
4th Edition

Our Sister Organization

Heart Works Center is also connected to an affiliate organization, MotherEarth Media (MEM), publishers of the upcoming 5th edition of the Sustainable & Regenerative World Sourcebook. MEM provides media services for universities, colleges, high schools and other related organizations.

The chapter on the Sustainable and Regenerative Health of Humanity will by written by Heart Works Center in collaboration with Start North, the Global Education program initiated by the Government of Finland.


Heart Works Center, through its professional network, has an extensive resource of connections.

We plan to be active in PR, social media, seminars, mailings in a low-key, yet informative way.

HWC will also benefit from its reputation for effective healing processes and education through excellent referrals.

Contact Us…

Bruce L. Erickson


Email: BruceLErickson@yahoo.com
Ph: 1-805-450-1074
1129 Maricopa Hwy #B156
Ojai, California 93023